GroundTech Post Systems

Our GroundTech post systems are strong, economical, and available in 24″ and 30″ lengths. The GroundMaster system uses heavy gauge steel sockets that resist corrosion and blend well with outdoor surroundings. The high-impact TuffSpike system uses UV-protected vinyl with heavy gauge steel core that withstands the elements.

GroundTech, GroundMaster and TuffSpike 24″ Light Duty Post Systems

  • Enhance the beauty of your outdoor landscape with mailboxes, birdhouses and feeders, decorative planters, trellises, garden arches, and lamp posts
  • Enjoy the fun of outdoor games and sports – volleyball and badminton
  • Use to install patio fencing, wire fences, tree stakes, firewood stackers, composters, and small signs

GroundTech, GroundMaster and TuffSpike 30″ Medium Duty Post Systems

  • Add strength and durability
  • Install decking, retaining walls, small fences and signs, steps, storage sheds, piers, and carports

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